Overspray Removal

Info: Set Rate – 3 hours + Hourly rate

If your vehicles paintwork feels rough, it may be time for a Service. Your vehicles paintwork is subjected to harsh contaminants on a daily basis. Pro Car Wash Melbourne can remove the over-spray caused by accidentals or negligent spray and bodywork.

Pro Car Wash also offers a concrete removal service. This is most likely to happen if your vehicle if it parks constantly near construction sites where the concrete splatter or dust can settle on your vehicle.

Ultimately, paint over-spray by contrast is easy to remove compared to concrete!
To get your vehicles paintwork to contaminate free.

  • 3 hours of labour included
  • Physical and chemical removal of over-spray, Tree Sap and contaminates.
  • Wash & Chamois of Exterior
  • Detailing Clay Barring of Exterior
  • Basic machine buffing & polishing of any contaminants left on the paintwork’s surface
  • Finished with our Full Exterior Detail (make a link to exterior detail? or maybe highlight and list pop up?)
  • A vehicle is finished with a polish of the exterior

*Does not include any interior or engine detailing. There is no guarantee of completely damage free removal. Proceed and book at own discretion. Through our experience concrete or mortar removal will almost always leave scratching behind. If you are unsure, please contact us.

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