Sticker Removal

Info: Set Rate – 3 hours + Hourly rate

Pro Car Wash, now doing sticker and decal removal! Are the stripes and decals on your vehicle looking faded and tacky? Does your work vehicle need to change or remove those stickers? Has your magnetic plates fused into your paintwork? No jobs too small or large – from Hatchbacks to Vans to Trucks, we can remove your stickers.

  • 3 hours of labour included, then an hourly rate afterwards
  • Thermal heat, Physical and chemical removal of the stickers and decals
  • Basic machine buffing & polishing of glue residue, outline and any contaminants left on the paintwork’s surface
  • Finished with our Full Exterior Detailing
  • A vehicle is finished with a polish of the exterior

*Does not include any interior or engine detailing. There is no guarantee of completely damage free removal.. Furthermore, the condition of the stickers greatly affects the time taken. If stickers are breaking and flaking than the job will take much longer and their should be an expectation of a higher cost.

Pro Car Wash does not take responsibility for damage occurring during sticker removal; peeling paint, chips and other defects present on the paint work is undetectable to us when the sticker is present. By booking in a sticker removal job, the customer is agreeing to this risk.

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