What Pro Car Wash Company pays attention to? Detail.

Mobile car wash. Paint protection. Car Detailing. We do it all – and well.

When you care about a job, you do it well. At Pro Car Wash, we are a
family owned business that has been washing, polishing, waxing and detailing car interiors and exteriors for 15 years.
Committed to our clients, we know how much they pride their cars. To many, they are a joy – life would be less, without.

We value our clients the way we value their cars

A car wash service for BMW’s, Lexus’, Mercedes, Pajero’s, Toyota’s, Ford Laser’s – we do these brands and all others too. Best of all, with a level of care, attention and detail that we delight and take pride in as well.

Spit and polish is not a problem for us

Neither is elbow grease. Our people are always willing to roll up their sleeves and put their muscle to work for you. Indeed, the car polishing and Mobile Car Detailing business are all about rolling up your sleeves. And that’s why we enjoy it as much as we do.

An industry for professionals

A lot of aptitude and training is required to professionally detail a car. Workers must be skilled before they can enter it. Our clients’ property is valuable – so we take utmost care of it by having the same team wash, detail and polish their car – as often as we can.
Our staff have been with us for years – loyal they have worked to grow our business as we have worked to grow their skills.

We provide all types of services

  • Everything from:
  • Inter car detailing
  • Exterior car detailing
  • Full car detailing
  • Pre-sale car detailing
  • Dog hair removal from seats
  • Overspray removal
  • Sticker removal from body, bonnet or glass
  • Paint polishing and protection
  • Stain removal from seats
  • Fabric protection

mobile car wash

We are reviewed well – consistently

Says Mohamed Hamoud “A Job well done. Was recommended by a mate. The end result is magic. “
Lydia Meouwu is equally pleased with her result – she writes “Super awesome and super fast job! Great price and now my baby is looking better than new!!! Thanks so much, Pro Car Wash!! =) will definitely come back!!”
You can read more customer reviews here.

Fully insured, your care is safe with us

At Pro Car Wash , we don’t take risks. When you give us your car, we give it a thorough check while you are present and note any scratches, marks or defects it may have on it.
We are fully insured – so your car is covered while it is on our premises.

A Family owned business, we have no branches

We do not franchise our name to others – quality control is key to us – this, alone, saves you 15-20% of the price you’d pay top detail your car anywhere else in Hallum, or its surrounding suburbs in Victoria.
To learn more about us or to enquire about prices please call us now on 0414 709 600

Our Services
  • Mobile Car Wash
  • Interior detail
  • Exterior detail
  • Full car detailing
  • Pre-sale detailing
  • Dog hair removal
  • Overspray removal
  • Sticker removal
  • Paint protection
  • Stain removal
  • Fabric protection